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3/4" I.D. - 5/8" NOM Coupling rolled C x C Copper Fitting

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3/4" I.D. - 5/8" NOM Coupling rolled C x C Copper Fitting

Notice Please

        These fittings are sized different than Plumbing fittings at the Home Improvement Store or Plumbing Supply House.  Plumbing fittings refer to the "I.D." (inside diameter) of the copper tubing they connect to.

So a 3/4" copper plumbing fitting has a 7/8" O.D.

These fittings are sized for the Air-Conditioning Standard of Sizing.  A 3/4" air-conditioning copper tube is 3/4" O.D. (outside diameter)

So a 3/4" HVAC-R copper fitting has a 3/4" I.D.

If you are ordering for plumbing applications, please adjust your order to the correct actual fitting I.D. for the copper tubing you are using. see chart below.


Copper Tubing Sizes (CTS) for Plumbing

Nominal Size 3/8"

Outside Diameter 1/2"

Fitting Needed 1/2" I.D.

Nominal Size 1/2"

Outside Diameter 5/8"

Fitting Needed 5/8" I.D.

Nominal Size 5/8"

Outside Diameter 3/4"

Fitting Needed 3/4" I.D.

Nominal Size 3/4"

Outside Diameter 7/8"

Fitting Needed 7/8" I.D.

Nominal Size      1"

Outside Diameter 1-1/8"

Fitting Needed 1-1/8" I.D.

Nominal Size 1- 1/4"

Outside Diameter 1-3/8"

Fitting Needed 1-3/8" I.D.

So,if you are ordering for plumbing tubing you add 1/8"