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Copper Fittings Supply

Copper connectors and copper fittings at the lowest prices. We carry HVAC fittings and PLUMBING fittings like 90° 45° copper elbow to P-trap and tees. Save money and buy more.

Copper fittings
Rated: 5 / 5 based on HVAC customer reviews
$.50 - $19.99 In stock
Product description:  Copper Connectors & Fittings for HVAC and plumbing.
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After many years in the same location we are moving to a new location.

Our moving dates are from June 1, 2017 to  November 21, 2017.
Due to the move we wont be accepting orders during this time.

We will start taking orders again on November 21 ,2017.

Please make your orders after these dates.

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